The Martian Grows Pot (HD 5 min.)

Astronaut Mark Watney becomes stranded on Mars after his team assume him dead, and must rely on his ingenuity as a botanist to survive, thrive, and get high, until his rescue. Just like in the movie.

Not The Droids (HD 3 min.)

These stormtroopers might have fallen for the old Jedi mind trick. Someone's going to get fired.

The Dishwasher Principle (DV 18 min. USC Master's Thesis)

Winner West Virginia Filmmakers Best Dramatic Short
Winner Houston Worldfest Gold Medla
Winner Malta Golden Knight Best Student Short
Selected Director's View, Raindance London, Big Bear Lake

A vegetarian diner cook, tired of flipping hamburgers, embarks on a journey with his Rasta Dishwasher to find perspective on life. After encountering the reincarnation of his father, only to find the woman he loves isn't what he had hoped, he learns the valuable lesson that the only expectations are the ones he's made of himself.

Love In A Park (16mm 5 min.)

A young man is dumped by his girlfriend. He plots his comeback by stealing Cupid's bow and arrows. As the Cherub gives chase, hilarity ensues.

TODD (DV 4 min.)

An interview with rap legend T.O.DD. Filmed for part of experimental film class. From a scenario I created and directed, it was entirely improvised on set.

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